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How to Thrive with Back Up: A Guidebook for Supporting Families of Those Who Serve


This Spiral Bound Guidebook Offers You:

  • Step-by-step plans for creating an in-agency first responder family support program
  • 11 thorough checklists at the end of the chapters
  • Ideas for generating funding for your program
  • Critical Incident Protocols
  • Lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid

Chapter 1 – How “Thrive with 10-35” Started: Beginning Stages
Chapter 2 – Organizational Structure, Leadership, and Advisors
Chapter 3 – Building the Broader Team: Getting Buy-In from Leadership and Other Related Groups
Chapter 4 – Setting Up Internal Operations
Chapter 5 – Confidentiality and Access
Chapter 6 – Connecting and Supporting
Chapter 7 – Emotional and Spiritual Support
Chapter 8 – Critical Incident Response and Support
Chapter 9 – “ISHMAEL”: Critical Response and Support in Action
Chapter 10 – Information and Learning Opportunities
Chapter 11 – Fund Raising and Donations
Chapter 12 – Successfully Managing Volunteer Organizations
Chapter 13 – Lessons Learned and Recommendations

  • ISBN: 978-1-931301-39-8


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