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Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization: Proactive Leadership Strategies (Updated Edition, October 1, 2022)

Challenging the Law Enforcement Organization captures insights from the author's law enforcement, military, and 40 years in leadership training.  Now available as an e-book and audio book on Google Store and Apple Store.

  • Highlights include discussions on the challenges of policing in a society lacking in skills and prone to violence, and the common pitfalls that prevent law enforcement managers from making a lasting impact.
  • The book offers guidance on self-management, communication, and motivation, aiming to enhance personal effectiveness.
  • It also features chapters filled with proactive strategies and "action items" for law enforcement managers, providing practical examples to apply the principles discussed.
  • Used by organizations for promotional exams across the United States for over a decade.

Author Interview: Why release the book as an audio / ebook?

Author Interview: Why is this book used for Promotional Exams?

Leadership in Challenging Times: Proactive Leadership Strategies for Law Enforcement

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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement

E-Learning Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Exclusive Online Courses from Dr. Kevin Gilmartin

You can bring Dr. Gilmartin's live presentations to your agency for a fraction of the cost with the Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement series of online courses, offered exclusively through PoliceOne Academy.

With the Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement series, officers will learn:

  • How to cope with being on high alert and develop strategies to transition off-duty
  • Preventive strategies to counteract the physiological and emotional impacts of law enforcement work
  • How family members can help officers maintain balanced, healthy lifestyles

The Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement series is certified by the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) and POST-approved in 20 states.

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