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Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement – NEW Published 2021


The Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Officers book addresses the dynamics that can transform within a matter of a few years, idealistic and committed law enforcement officers/employees into cynical, angry individuals who begin having difficulties in both the personal and professional aspects of their lives. The book points out how law enforcement personnel develop a social perceptual set that can potentially see employees engaging in inappropriate behavior patterns and decision-making that leads to both administrative and can unfortunately in some personnel lead to criminal difficulties. The basic theme and goal of the book is to provide information that lets the officer/employee see how the deterioration process can take place and what specific preventative strategies can be employed to reduce the negative emotional impact of a law enforcement career. Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Officers book was written with the goal to provide information that assists law enforcement personnel to remain committed and engaged in productive law enforcement.

ISBN: 978-0971725416

41 reviews for Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement – NEW Published 2021

  1. Derek

    An absolute must for law enforcement officers and the earlier in your career the better!

  2. Tim Meacham (verified owner)

    I read the first edition when it came out. I had to face the truths written in that edition. I continued to practice what I learned in that book and I shared those lessons, and the book, with peers, buying extra copies to hand out. Now, I am in the sunset of my career, and it is more important than ever that I read the book again. The new edition, with updated and new information, has a greater impact on me personally. This book needs to be a part of academy training, and reviewed every 5 to 7 years by police officers at all levels. The importance of the principles that Dr. Gilmartin writes about cannot be overstated.

  3. Jami Albright-Tolman (verified owner)

    Not only did seeing Dr. Gilmartin’s seminar and reading this book help me in coping with the stress, trauma, and hypervigilance that resulted from a front-line career in Canadian corrections, as a mentor in the corrections industry and an instructor in a post-secondary justice studies program I recommend this book to every class of future public safety officers that I teach. My students are usually working toward careers in either corrections or policing, but sometimes they are looking toward border security, immigration, commercial vehicle enforcement, or some other kind of public safety work. Regardless of the specifics of their chosen field, this book is invaluable to them – and even more so if they read it at the beginning of (or even before) their careers.

  4. Les Parsons (verified owner)

    Great resource for those working in law enforcement and their families. The book provides valuable insight to the officer and their family members in understanding the demands and effects a career in law enforcement can have on an officer and their family.

  5. Erik Eagan (verified owner)

    This book will help you understand why and what you do when you are off duty, and also the psychological and physiological impacts Law Enforcement has on your body. Every law enforcement officer shod read this book in their first year and share the book with family members to help them understand why you act the way you do.

    The book provides you with suggestions to counteract the effects of Law Enforcement on your body and improve your overall mental and physical wellness.

    If you have the opportunity to see Dr. Gilmartin present in-person, you will appreciate his knowledge and perspective as a fellow Law Enforcement professional.

  6. Rob Krecak (verified owner)

    This book is incredible! It was very insightful into the psychology and physiology of what happens to police officers and their families. It’s a must-read for anyone in law enforcement and their loved ones. Thank you for writing it!

  7. Janelle Marie (verified owner)

    Luckily this book was referred to us multiple times in our police academy. My husband and I read it as soon as we started field training and we check each other on its teachings regularly. The lessons are like small voices that come to remind us how we can fall off the latter and land in over-identification with our work and thus turning into a person that is made up of only thing – work. Let’s not! Let’s be more than what we do for work, let’s be well rounded, let’s have more to say than what we did at work, let’s be capable of more activities throughout the week, let’s have hobbies, let’s laugh, let’s have faith, let’s nurture our families, let’s enjoy the joys of life that are out there, let’s explore, let’s live! All these things are possible and made real as we learn about the pitfalls that exist otherwise because of this book and its valuable teachings.

  8. Paul Patti (verified owner)

    My company and I have been writing promotional exams for 35+ years. After reading the first edition of Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement I was convinced that not only should the book be a must-read for all law enforcement officers and their families, it should be required in the police academy, AND also for promotion to leadership and supervisory ranks. Many agencies are now including the book in Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant reading lists.

    We just finished our exam for the updated version and look forward to many more updates to come. Especially today, Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement is an all-around indespensible resource for anyone working in or connected to anyone serving in the law enforcement profession!

  9. Crystal (verified owner)

    I am the wife of a police officer. It was like you wrote this book about my husband. Having lived exactly what you described, I could only handle reading a few pages at a time. We have just started the healing process and it has been such a comfort to both of us that the silent majority has suffered what he has for years. He always felt that he was alone. Thank you so much for bringing the truth to light.

  10. George Middleton (verified owner)

    I’m only half way through so far. Awesome book, and applicable I would venture to say to all career first responders. As I read, it’s helping me move forward in digesting my own experiences as a long time FF/EMT. Not to mention, helping me understand my own law enforcement friends better. Thank you so much for this book, definitely inspired and heaven-sent.

  11. Angela Matthews (verified owner)

    I’m a 17 year LEO and a mental health professional that specializes in working with first responders. Dr. Gilmartin’s book is a must read! Not only for first responders but, their families as well. I buy this book for every recruit I know graduating from the police academy as a gift so they can be empowered with the knowledge of how to survive in this career. I wish I’d have had this information at the beginning of my career but, since I can’t…I’ll make sure others can.

  12. Annie Pasquinelli (verified owner)

    This has been a phenomenal resource. Backed by decades of research and experience, the author guides you through the realities of working as and living with law enforcement–and gives concrete ways to prevent burnout and other negative outcomes. My brother just started working as a sheriff, and his training officer recommended this to us. We will definitely be relying on this information to protect my brother and keep him happy and healthy during what will hopefully be a long and fruitful career. Thank you!

  13. JohnWallace (verified owner)

    This was suggested to me by a fellow Pastor. Having been in EMS many years ago, I thought it wouldn’t have been all that relevant, but I was WRONG! Directly applicable to those in challenging ministry roles, first responder chaplaincy, and those of us working directly with veteran/first responder communities & issues (PTSD, Substance use, depression, ect.)

  14. Amy Thomas (verified owner)

    Firefighter here. I frequently recommend this book to coworkers as a way to understand the physical responses we also deal with on and off shift. There are great books more specific to our side, but none explain the physiological responses so thoroughly and objectively.
    This book is also honest and accurate in discussing ways to avoid letting the job be all-consuming. I’ve given away several copies and planning to order more. Thanks for looking out for all of us!

  15. Dr. (COL) Kathy Platoni (verified owner)

    Couldn’t put this book down. Have recommended it to every police officer that comes in for treatment. I highlighted everything of importance. Now the entire book is covered in yellow highlighter. This is an absolute must read for every law enforcement officer and for those who have the privilege of treating them.

  16. Carl Israel

    This book will save your career, your relationships and yourself. Hands down. I’ll be reading it over and over again

  17. James Reschke (verified owner)

    There is no doubt in my mind that this book can help the office and their family accept and deal with the police profession and all that profession entails. Whether you’re just beginning your career or have been in it awhile this is a must read book. I’ve read both editions and I’ve now been retired 10 years after 36 years of service and all I can say is I salute and thank you Dr. Gilmartin for your service to our profession.

  18. Bruce Beill (verified owner)

    I was given this book several years ago. I don’t like it much because I saw myself in it. Since then I have given away a dozen copies to officers to share with their spouses. It will save your sanity, your emotional balance and your marriage. It’s that important.

  19. Nancy Armbruster (verified owner)

    An absolute must read for all Law Enforcement. A “bible” at your fingertips to survive emotionally from a career in LE. I’ve been a street cop for 18yrs and wish I had read this sooner! I plan to read it again and as the part time Wellness Officer, I’ve had the department order this book in bulk and I’m distributing it to all members of our PD. Dr. Gilmartin is remarkable for this writing. Everything he explains about the Hypervigilance Biological roller coaster is spot on. For me, knowing Dr Gilmartin was also the police for years made it relatable all the more. This career will rob you of joy and it takes work to combat that and survive emotionally. I’ve applied the strategies at home in order to live a healthy happy life for my remaining 2yrs and into retirement. Get this book, you will NOT regret it. It will change your life. “Be Safe & Be Well, Your Off Duty Life Depends on It”-Ofc. N Armbruster Syracuse, NY PD

  20. Jason (verified owner)

    A great book to read! Very interesting and eye opening. Definitely going to re-read soon. Time management is essential! God Bless you Dr. Gilmartin

  21. Gannon Tiller (verified owner)

    This was a required book for me to read in my police academy and I thought it would just be another cheesy book from someone who has no idea what law enforcement officers actually go through. If you see that I left a five star review, you would understand that I was completely wrong. It’s an amazing book for people getting into law enforcement. Supervisors or command staff should require reading this book very early in an officer’s career.

  22. Jared Hughes (verified owner)

    This book is a must read for LE and their family. I recommend that people read it when they start their career and read it again as often as they can to keep the ideas fresh in their mind on becoming and staying a survivor in this career.

  23. BYRON PIPKIN (verified owner)

    Excellent book for anyone in law enforcement or looking at going into law enforcement. I wish this book was around in the 1970s when I started my career. It is an easy read and clearly makes sense out of the normal experiences of cops. Do yourself and your family a favor and read this book.

  24. Liz Cary

    I am a therapist for 1st responders and require police officers read the book in order to work with me. Seeing them come to each session having read more
    and feeling validated in their feelings and experiences is awesome. My LE husband was able to see his own journey described as well.

  25. Tom Hale

    I am an attorney who has been representing Police Officers in state and federal litigation for more than 30 years. I have seen the worst of the worst human experiences these public servants are exposed to on a daily basis, and the heavy toll they take on the emotional and psychological health of the Officers, their families and friends. I am also President of a Police Foundation and have recommended Dr. Gilmartin’s work to numerous Departments, many of which keep several copies close at hand when an Officer exhibits traits suggesting he is in deep emotional and psychological turmoil. HIs treatise is a “must-have” work for every police department.

  26. Larry Conley

    I have been involved in law enforcement for over 33 years and was first introduced to Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement Officers: A Guide for Officers and Their Families in 2003. The book was required reading for a sergeant’s promotional exam. I have to say that the first time I read the book I was upset with Dr. Gilmartin. I was upset because he had written a book about me and I didn’t get any money from it. All kidding aside, this is a must-read for all law enforcement officers and their families. I believe in the material so much, that I convinced our academy to purchase books for each recruit going through training and provide copies to officers attending in-service Wellness classes. If you or your family cannot understand what has happened to yourself or a loved one over the course of a law enforcement career, read this book and I’m sure you will find “your name” written throughout the book.

  27. Rodney A Bright

    As I conclude 30+ years of law enforcement service next month, I can attest to the necessity for the men and women who serve to read Dr. Gilmartin’s book. The ability for a police officer today to make clear, cognitive decisions, personally and professionally, can be life saving and life changing. In order for us to do that we need a clear understanding how emotions show up during stressful events and how to best prepare our minds for that. If we don’t educate police officers on the potential negative consequences that incrementally create a “slow fade” toward darkness, then we will continue to see sad and tragic outcomes that otherwise may have been prevented. Thank you Dr. Gilmartin for your continued positive impact on this profession of heroes.

  28. Irwin Rosenberg

    This is an outstanding book and a must read for every new officer and recruit. I wish it had been presented to me before attending a leadership course.

  29. Edward C. Keane, Ph.D.

    As a police psychologist, law enforcement trainer, and university instructor, Dr. Gilmartin’s book is a foundational text in all my instruction. It has applicability for everyone in modern policing.
    Edward C. Keane, Ph.D.

  30. April Morse

    This is a must read for anyone entering the law enforcement profession and their families. It helps to explain the behavior we can sometimes fall into without realizing.

  31. Chief M. Shane Gunter

    We now supply a copy of Dr. Gilmartin’s book to any new officer joining our department and encourage them to share it with their family members. Truly insightful and spot on in so many aspects. It continues to be a great resource for our FTO’s and first-line supervisors as well.

  32. SGT William C McLeod

    As a training sergeant and chaplain in law enforcement, it is just as important to equip our men and women in this honorable profession to be able to survive this career mentally and emotionally. Every new recruit gets a copy of this Dr. Gilmartin’s book and is required to watch the video that goes along with the book; because we are “Our Brother’s Keeper”.

  33. Kathleen Dennis (verified owner)

    Excellent! A must read for every first responder and anyone who’s part of their lives! I’m providing a copy to all my first responder clients and family members. Easy to read, well written, and loaded with important, life-saving information!

  34. Donna

    This book is fantastic. It not only conveys the effects law enforcement but spills over to other first responders. This will help any family member have a be understanding of their loved one. Kudos to the writer!!!!!.

  35. JF (verified owner)

    If you work in public safety, you need to read this. i just took the in-service course and only now after 20 years i now know why i’m broken. now that i have discovered this book/course i can now begin to self repair. this needs to be mandated into all public safety agencies at the start of your career before you find yourself in my boots.

  36. christopher ramey (verified owner)

    This book is crucial and should be required reading for anyone entering a career in law enforcement. Thank you for this invaluable piece of work.

  37. Ben Thomas (verified owner)

    I have read both the original and updated copies of the book as well as have sat in on one of Dr. Gilmartin’s lectures at Quantico. I believe so strongly in his work that I have started buying copies of this book for my friends whose children are going into law enforcement. If I had this resource in my early career my family and I would have been better served.

  38. Liz Wilson

    I am just starting my career in law enforcement and was given this book by a senior officer. It changed my perspective and shed light on the destructive path I was starting to go down. Thank you for this book.

  39. Carmen Visan, MA, LMHC (verified owner)

    I’m a mental health counselor and am undergoing first responder certification training. This book is required reading for this training and I can easily understand why. I also skimmed and/or read the other reviews prior to writing my own. I concur with most everything that’s been said by other reviewers and especially want to underscore a reviewer’s comment that this book should be required reading periodically, throughout an individual’s career in law enforcement or other public safety capacity. The second thing of note is the compassionate tone Dr. Gilmartin brings to bear on the subject. The text IS informative, and it IS convenient to have the information compiled in a book, however, the presentation of it is profoundly compassionate. Well done and thank you.


    I’ve had the privilege to sit in on Mr Gilmarttin’s lecture and was inspired not only by his experience but testimonials.
    As a 9-1-1 dispatcher, he provided me with a great perspective of not only what Law Enforcement endures but also included the Dispatchers, whom are regularly forgotten.
    I have shared the book with those within our field and those outside, to have an understanding of what our lives endure in a mental capacity.
    Thanks to Mr Gilmartin for this book.

  41. Jules (verified owner)

    I bought the book to help
    my daughter who has just started as a Correctional Officer. I’m sure it will help
    prepare her for the mental challenges ahead . Thank you for writing a book to help the Heroes that protect our community.

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